Oasis Centre: bringing world-class hospitality, entertainment, business—-Nnennaya Awoyokun


Before the year runs out, the Nigeria Police Coop Multipurpose Centre, known as Oasis Centre Ikeja would be opening its doors to Nigerians to experience world-class hospitality, entertainment, and business. Situated along Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja Oasis Centre is committed to positively impacting the capital of Lagos and beyond. 

Speaking to ipledge2nigeria recently during a media tour of the facility, Nnennaya Awoyokun, Lead Consultant, Awoyokun Consulting said the project is a joint development between the Nigeria Police Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited (POLCOOP) and Mall D’Oasis Shopping Centre Limited (MDO).”

Explaining further Awoyokun stated that the Oasis Centre is a unique mixed-use development and the first mixed-use space in Nigeria that will house 3 distinct development types in one building.

When completed 42 distinct retail brands will operate from its ground and first floor.”

“The flexible mice component will provide serviced meeting rooms, boardrooms, and meeting spaces.”

While its 5-star hospitality component across four floors will offer leisure and accommodation for 200 rooms. Other features include executive lounges, gymnasium, spa, wellness suite, infinity pool, pool bar, piano bar, all-day dining, and a rooftop bar with an open terrace view, overseeing the skyline of Ikeja. Mall D’Oasis Shopping Centre Limited is a commercial development company, that is poised to leave a signature of excellence, satisfaction, and quality, across its various real estate developments. Owning the trade name Oasis, the firm is excited to introduce its flagship development, The Oasis Centre, Ikeja.” 

According to Awoyokun, “Whether for business or pleasure, the Oasis Centre Ikeja is the perfect destination. Each component is designed to compliment the other, to give an enriched hospitality experience. It’s simply an ecosystem that works, is safe, functional, and elegantly styled for business, retail, and leisure purposes.”

Strategically located in the heart of Lagos, Oasis is a minute’s drive to the Lagos International and local airports. One of the astounding features of this innovatory lifestyle development. The wholesome, tranquil comfort and convenience of the Oasis Centre Ikeja is designed to deliver, the best experience.

“The Nigeria Police Coop Multipurpose Centre, known as Oasis Centre Ikeja is committed to delivering this one-of-a-kind project that positively impacts the capital of Lagos Ikeja area and beyond.”

Awoyokun noted that retail is not ambitious, it is realistic. In terms of what we intend to do. No doubt, we have Ikeja city mall, and we have a lot of stand-alone retail outlets. But here we have need-based retail, of carefully thought through retailers assembled. Every retailer is complimentary. The hotel is there and we are working with the hotel, the different retailers will be working in synergy and they are top brands, not just any brand. Oasis will continue to echo quality in the sense that when you are coming to the retail you are getting quality items, need-based retail.

Who are your anchor tenants here?

The anchor for the development remains the hotel. But we have large boxes, and we expect the hotel to bring in traffic, but we also know that there are also gaps within Ikeja, in terms of entertainment. So rather than go to the cinema, as everyone does, we will be having family entertainment as part of our retail. We will be having a special session, we are bringing in the International lounges for airlines, we have a travel desk local, we have an international bank, we have a local bank, we have perfumery top brand retail and we also have affordable brand as well. We also have a top pharmacy, that is just the tip. You will still see more, when we open in December 2022.

What are you doing differently from other business brands?

We have a segmented road that leads to this place. No hotel in Lagos has this kind of parky. The car park will sit over 1000 cars, it has thought out a process that leads us out of the major road and makes sure that traffic and gridlock do not interfere with the normal business of the municipality.

If you look at what we are bringing into Ikeja, it is something that has never happened in Nigeria. We are going to be having people all over Nigeria coming in here to also see the 8th wonder of the world. 

If you look around there are several hotels and shopping malls, what gives the oasis team confidence to situate this massive project here?

We are bringing in the Wyndham brand. We are going to give you services that are above the standard that is found in Nigeria. We are going to operate locally but we are going to think and deliver globally. 

What is unique about the Wyndham brand?

The Mall D’Oasis is set to enhance the quality of the hospitality industry with the introduction of the Wyndham hotel brand – the signature brand of the largest hotel franchisor in the world, with over 8,900 hotels, 812 rooms, in over 95 countries.”

“Wyndham is a respected name in the upscale service industry and like every Wyndham hotel around the world, Wyndham Lagos, Ikeja will deliver comfort that exceeds expectations, with thoughtful services and amenities tailored to make guests make the most of their stay, in ways that are more enjoyable than they can imagine.

The Wyndham Lagos, Ikeja at the Oasis Centre Ikeja, is the anchor and will be the first hotel of the Wyndham Hotels and Resorts in Africa. Lagos will join cities like London, Dubai, Brussels, Madrid, Istanbul, Delhi, Athens, Milan, and many others, and become one of the global locations that bring exceptional value to travelers.”

“Guests of The Wyndham Lagos, Ikeja, and patrons of the retail and work spaces within this Oasis City will enjoy a 24/7 power supply, a good road network – starting with a slip road to the center, ample parking, excellent security systems, and processes; all the elements of a great city, designed with the complete comfort and success of its occupants in mind,” she added.

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