Actress Tonto Dikeh has expressed deep regret and shame over the death of a young kid.


The African Democratic Congress (ADC) Deputy Governorship candidate Rivers State narrated how an encounter with a fraudster made her presume a genuine helper-seeker was fake.

Dikeh claimed in her post that she had assisted a fan who had complained about having a difficult time and shown her baby as proof.

The actress felt sorry for the fan and handed her N370, 000 but when she went back to check the social media profile and saw that it had been erased, she felt deceived and let down.

The mother of one claimed she later received a similar message from a fan asking for medical help but ignored it and deleted the message.

Unfortunately, she received a message on Wednesday morning from the woman, saying her son was dead.

This, she said, hurt her so much, adding that she will hate and beat herself for a long time for believing it was a fake post

She wrote: ” a Few weeks ago I helped out a random fan with almost half a million naira (370k) cause they had mad challenges and she showed a baby and all, one week later I just wanted to check on them. BOOM the account has been deleted, I took it with good faith. I was so pissed, I felt used and taken for granted but I moved on.

FF to 2 days ago, I saw a similar message, seeking medical assistance. The way I deleted and ignored the message ehn, this morning I opened my DM the mother told me her son died…… My eyes hurt from crying. My heart aches so bad….

“I will hate myself for a very long time. See the amount of damage one person’s lies and choices have caused. My heart goes out to everyone going through one thing or the other!!

“I will beat myself up for this for as long as I stop feeling guilty but the person who made me ignore that message I pray you suffer more than the grieving mothers.”

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