Minister Dustin Oyekan escaped ghastly motor Accident 


Popular Minister of spiritual songs and chants, Dustin Oyekan was on a journey to minister in a church program together with some men of God when he took a moment to rest in the car and as he was sleeping, the SUV Prado jeep went under a big trailer causing the vehicle to be damaged beyond recognition, to his surprise he came out alive, able and without a scratch, as well as the men together with him

He was able to still make it to the program and announced that he has experienced a Miracle from GOD after the devil tried to stop him from showing up to the program, in his words he said

“ I made up my mind to be here today, the devil tried his best to stop me, if you saw the accident scene I came out from, you can never believe that I walked out of that scene alive

I said let me sleep a bit so I can be refreshed for the meeting next thing I saw was that the jeep had gone under the trailer, Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.. so if you are looking for a miracle this is a miracle standing here” Ipledge2Naija reports.

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