I am blessed with talent—-Bisola Aiyeola


Bisola Aiyeola, is a fast-rising Nigerian actress and singer. She became the first runner-up of Big Brother Naija in 2017. won the AMVCA Trailblazer Award at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. Since then, Bisola has continued to flourish in the entertainment industry. Recently, Ipledge2nigeria caught up with her as MTN in collaboration with Ultimate Studios, unveiled her as host for the highly rated TV game show, ‘Family Feud’. In this chat with Ipledge2nigeria Lagos correspondent, talks about the upcoming show,  which is set to hit screens across the country, on October 7, 2022, her career growth, and other issues.

I see you as an all-rounder, you sing, you act, how do you put all these together?
 I have been asked this question a million times and I think to date I don’t know (laughs). I don’t know how I would say I put it together. I think I just as each day comes and whatever that particular day requires is what I will give to it. If it requires me being a host for family feuds then I will do that, if it requires me being an actress I will give that, if it requires me being a singer, I will give that. So, I just take each day as it comes, I was blessed with the talent and thankfully this is what am using to feed myself and my family, so am grateful to God for that.

Any plan to explore the stage?
 So, I have tried to explore stage but the challenge with that was my schedule. Stage is very time-consuming. I am looking forward to when I will finally get to be on a stage play, for now, we just haven’t been able to work with the scheduling because it requires a lot of rehearsals being there, and that will mean me shorting out so many other commitments. 

What should we be expecting from Bisola Aiyeola production?
Bisola Aiyeola hasn’t started her production yet; I am a producer, I help co-produced introducing the Pojus and we have part two coming out very soon Finding Ekoju, which I also co-produced. I haven’t decided to maybe start my own production company for now. I don’t know where it will take me in the future as dreams change every day, but for now; I am just focusing on being a host for Family Feuds, we see how it runs and sees how Nigerians accept it, and am pretty sure Nigerians will accept it very well.
You are an actress, a singer, a comedienne, a TV host, which of these passions comes more naturally to you?
They all come naturally to me, which is why I said earlier that it is what the day requires that I will give it. If today requires me to be an actress then I will give it my best. It will almost be impossible to choose one, is like saying choose which of your hands works best for you. As much as a lot of people are right-handed, when you lose your left hand you know how valuable it has been to you. So it’s almost impossible to pick because all of them serve different purposes and they have served me well so far and are still serving me, so it will be very hard to pick.

How do you feel, about the collaboration between MTN and Ultimate Studios and your unveiling as the host of this television game show, ‘Family Feud?
It’s amazing, you know, and I am glad that we get to do this again. I mentioned earlier that this is a major milestone in my life. And you know they were also there at the very beginning when I was trying to use my talent to make it big for myself.

From Project Fame to Family Feuds, it feels so real, and beautiful, and am honoured that I was picked amongst the numerous talents that they called in for screening, audition, and all of that. It is fun, I’m happy, and I pray that I get to give it my best.

This is the first season, what are you bringing to the table?
I am bringing all of me, all of Bisola, all of my talents, weights, continuity, experience with speaking with people, and a fun show.

You have been in the studio, you have done some recordings, what’s the connection like with the families in the television show?
We don’t get to meet the families before coming out. It is fresh for everybody, it’s fresh for us, it is not like there is a rehearsal for us to know who is who and this is what you have to say.
Then literally, they keep me backstage until we start rolling and then the families get surprised when they see me as the host, and that is where you just get the best out of them. So it is not like anything is rehearsed before we bring it out to you. 

To be honest, I don’t get to know what questions am even going to ask the families until I get my queue pad, and that is literally just before I go up to the stage to start the show.So, I find myself asking these questions as random as “what do you use to clean your floor”? Literally, it is random questions that have been surveyed by 100 people and it’s their answers that are queued into the board. We are just hoping that one of these families will win the top prize of the day, let’s see how it goes.

Is it a show that participants win daily?
Participants win on every episode and not on daily basis. Every time that the show runs every episode, no family goes home empty-handed. It is a way to get back to families while also having fun. it is the easiest type of fun that is also very entertaining. No family leaves the studio empty-handed regardless of whether they win or not, you never leave empty-handed.

You have anchored so many shows, what’s the difference between all these programmes?
Oh! they are different, family feuds is for every member of the family. It cuts through all age grades, there is no age limit to this. What makes it very unique is that grandma, grandpa, or children as young as 2 years old can understand the questions being asked. A 3-year-old has an idea of what you use to sweep the floor. Some people may say broom, standing broom, or vacuum cleaner because they like basic questions. That is why it is unique, it cuts across every single member of the family.

You know, back in the days when we were growing up, we used to look forward to Primetime, say 7 pm, 8 pm for shows that the whole family could watch together. You know your parents are back from work, and it’s an opportunity for everybody to sit down together, nobody can watch it without the other person, so everyone sits down.

Families watched it while having dinner together. So, am happy Ultimate Studios/MTN are bringing back family feuds. Family members watching, can have different answers to questions that have been asked with arguments like no…no…no…that can be or can not be on the board, and that creates even a more bonding atmosphere for that family as well.

Most people are focused on chasing money and stuff and sometimes forget the little things that matter when building a home and family but this is definitely going to bring families together.

Speaking about how Nigeria is going to accept it, being the very first female host of the show in Nigeria, a task like that comes with a certain amount of pressure and comparison to other television shows, how do you feel about that, are you pressured or tensed?
I am not pressured about it because, first, the Family feud is family feud, nothing can compare to family feuds, other shows can try but they are not family feuds. So in Nigeria am the first host of the show, and I hope it remains so. But if they decide to have another host, I think that then that individual will be pressured to be able to step up to do the job that Bisola Aiyeola has done.So, because this show is not like any other show in Nigeria, it stands alone, it’s been on for about 46 years, and it’s a global brand. There is no pressure on me to try to say I want to be like anybody Ultimate Studios has told me Bisola, this show is yours, be you, and that is exactly it. 

You are one of the biggest success stories from  BBNAIJA, of course, you didn’t win but I know you are winning and now we have a new season which is ongoing, what advice, lessons, or thoughts do you think you can give to the hopefuls in there?

They should just be true to themselves and don’t get carried away by the newfound fame. Being true to yourself will help you stay grounded and when you are grounded you will be able to think better and plan your life better.

Just be easy, don’t let anyone, any group of people, anything pressure you Take out time to look inwards and plan your life. Don’t feel pressure in any kind of way, the Yoruba’s normally say “you can’t run another person’s race”. Just take things at your pace, don’t feel pressured and every other thing will fall into place.

Do you think it’s possible to find love in Big  Brother Naija’s house?
Well, am sure you ‘have seen some love stories that have formed and now have children, and they’re already building their families, that’s a testimony that people can find love there. You can find love anywhere in the world and Big Brother is a part of anywhere in the world.

Election is around the corner, what’s your thought on the 2023 general election?

 I will say everyone should get their PVCs out and vote. Aside from just voting, don’t just go with the crowd and bandwagon and say because a lot of people are saying this, this is what am going to do. We must all know about the candidate that wants to rule the country, know about them, get the correct facts about each individual, and with that, you will decide on your own, not be influenced by others, you decide on your own who you think will take Nigeria to a better place.

Even if I was routing for any candidate, should I tell you? you routing for any candidate?

Even if I was routing for any candidate, should I tell you?

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