Why I led thousands of youths in mega rally for Peter Obi in Abuja – Moses Paul


Social crusader and National Coordinator of National Democratic Coalition for the survival of Nigeria, Dr. Moses Ogidi Paul, has stated that 2023 is a golden opportunity for Nigerian youths to take back their country.

The activist spoke after leading thousands of youths to a mega rally for the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, in Abuja on Saturday.

Moses, who decried that Nigeria has been rapped and battered as a result of bad leadership, said the purpose of the match was to activate active citizenship through awareness creation on the need to reshape and refocus the energy of the Nigerian youth.

The mega rally, which was attended by over 2000 support groups for Peter Obi across the FCT, literally held the nation’s capital to a standstill for hours.

Speaking on why he led the rally, Ogidi said, “The purpose of the match was to activate active citizenship through awareness creation on the need to reshape and refocus the energy of the Nigerian youth.

The march was a call to all the young people in Abuja and peers all over the country to stand up for good governance.

“The last few months have seen massive interest in politics by Nigerians, especially young people. A lot of this energy is dissipated by engaging in all forms of attacks and counter attacks on mostly social media.

“The intellectual and civic losses are enormous. This leaves a dangerous situation on our hands as these young people can unwittingly play into the mechanisations of malicious politicians becoming pawns on their own chess boards. So, there is a need to arrest this unrehearsed rage and make it into more useful energy to yield better results for the polity.

“There is no doubt that most of our youth have lost hope and as the elections draw close, will find ways to cling onto whatever semblance of hope there may be. This creates room for deceit and disappointment if they are unable to know what to look for in a candidate. Fortunately, the conversation is gradually moving away from ethnicity and religion to competence. People are now more concerned about knowing who the candidates are than what political party platforms they are running on.

However, there is need to worry as the flame of the old order is still warm. For instance, the bad state of the economy still creates room for financial inducement and all forms of corrupt practices that trap young people in the loop as enablers of bad governance. The concomitant effect cum generational spread is unquantifiable. First time voters – fresh eighteen-year-olds and older young people who will be voting for the first time – will be the primary focus for the march. They will learn from the stories of older and regular voters about the basics of the voting process. INEC’s regulations and recent modifications/innovations in the electoral process will be expounded by speakers.”

Dr Moses, popularly Known as ‘MadMo’ is the Creative Director of M.A.D MO Concepts, a Media and consulting outfit.

Known for his passion to provoke change at all levels of life using the Platforms of leadership, Governance, business, creative arts and spirituality, Moses Paul has Spoken on many stages with the purpose of guiding youths in breaking out of a conditioned Mindset of limitation to explore their full potential.

His experience as a serial Entrepreneur, social activist, performer and spiritual leader has given him a well-

Rounded understanding of the challenges limiting the growth of youths and their Development within the African terrain.

Mad Mo’s unique approach to promoting change is by using faith and the arts to Not just entertain but motivate, inspire and educate.

Moses ‘Mad Mo’ Paul is famous for his fearlessness and willingness to address

The conversations that need to be had but are ignored due to fear, societal Pressure and conditioning. He believes in helping the youth and young adults find their voice and

Their purpose by pursuing their passion with the guidance of faith and biblical Principles.

A man of action, passion and faith, Mad Mo’s work has spanned and impacted

Many across the nation and beyond.

He holds a PhD in Environmental Resource Planning and has organized a slew of events to provide platform for discussions on youth empowerment, active citizenship, values reorientation and entrepreneurial development aimed at producing young vibrant, transformed and innovative individuals!

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