Flood In Nigeria: The Government Of Kogi and Anambra Begs FG To Intervene.


According to a data released by Federal Government on Monday, 603 deaths has been
recorded, two million displaced and hundreds of hectares of farmland has been destroyed this
year by flood across the country, which makes it the worst flood disaster ever recorded.

The governors of Kogi and Anambra States have begged for the immediate interference of the
Federal Government to help in this national disaster as the flood has caused so much damage
and loss of lives in the states.

The Anambra state governor, Professor
Chukwuma Soludo, has mentioned that eight local governments in Anambra has been covered
by water and bridges, roads and houses has been washed off.

“Beyond the immediate coping strategy and our own long-term agenda as a government in dealing with the environment, there is a national conversation that needs to happen. Wecan no longer deal with perennial flooding as an emergency. We knew it would happen. We know the next one will come. A year or two from now, another massive one will come and the country must begin to prepare and

ask: what if it happens again? What would be our response?’, he said in a Channels

Television programme known as Sunrise Daily.

In a conversation with Vanguard, the state

Commissioner for Environment, Victor Omofaiye, mentioned that Kogi state is in an urgent need for support and help because the disaster has caused so much harm than the state can handle. The Kogi state government has revealed that eight local governments areas is covered by flood.

‘Kogi is always on the red alert. As soon

as Shiroro or Kanji dam is released, it

finds its way down to Lokoja because of

the convergence of River Niger and Benue’, said Mr. Omafaiye.

The government of each state has beckoned the Presidency and National Assembly to profer solutions and immediate assistance to these floodings, help for the already submerged areas; and the latter should be treated as urgent.

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