Buhari was head of state 1983/1985 when Cameroon struck a bilateral agreement with Nigeria on the supposed dam construction. Cameroon constructed theirs, our dear Buhari never did. Years later, Mohammed Buhari became president and the ravaging effect of his ineffectiveness is stringing the country into comatose.

Since 1982 when the dam was built in Lagdo town on the Adamawa Plateau in the Northern Province of Cameroon along the course of the Benue River, lowland communities in north-eastern Nigerian states (of Borno, Adamawa and Taraba) especially those located downstream within the River Benue drainage basin are usually flooded whenever water is released from the reservoir.

Following an agreement involving both nations in 1980, the Nigerian government was supposed to embark on a similar venture along the course of the river, ostensibly to contain the gushing water released upstream from Lagdo Dam and curb flooding and attendant destruction of property and loss of lives.

“The Cameroonian government finished the construction of Lagdo Dam in 1982, but Nigeria is yet to develop its own dam. Hence, anytime the Cameroonian government wants to release water from the dam, they always alert the Nigerian government so as to evacuate people to avert casualty.

In a street interview by ipledge2nigeria, Mr shola had so much to say regarding the economy. He called out things like the price of egg and pure water, saying that an egg that used to sell for N20 now sells for N80 and a bag of pure water that sells for N70 now sells for N350.

He said, “From N70 to N350? How can anyone cope with this much change? Salaries are still the same and majority of Nigerians do not know anything about inflation, all they know is that prices keep going up everyday with no hope of restoration.”

“ In addition, he added there’s no better way to spell failure twice than Buhari. He said Nigeria ought to have the dumbest citizens known to man . I really do not understand how we let PR and  gimmicks repackaged such a collosal failure to us as president .

We voted him twice! And some are still ready to vote the administration in again based on tribal ties or selfish interests. We will never learn”

Celebrities and organizers of the 2020 EndSARS protest have concluded plans to hold a memorial in the Lekki area of Lagos State on Today.

This is to commemorate the death of citizens, particularly youths who were allegedly massacred by the Nigerian army, at the Lekki Tollgate on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

According to the flier, participants would walk and drive the tollgate where the Nigerian army allegedly opened fire on armless protesters who were demanding an end to police brutality.

Part of the banner read, “#EndSARS Memorial 2.0 procession. In memory of those who were killed on October 20, 2022 and those we have lost to police brutality, we will walk and drive through the toll gate, blast horns, sing and chat in unison through the toll gate, wave our flags.”

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