Liz Truss, U.K Prime Minister Resigns After Six Months In Office

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British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, who was sworn into office to replace former Prime Minister Boris Johnson who happened to be elected in July 2019 but later had a scandal during his tenure has officially announced her resignation on Thursday just 45 days into her jurisdiction as the Conservative Party leader of the United Kingdom, making her the Prime Minister with the shortest tenure, that has ever served the country.

On Thursday, she made it known to her constituents that she would be stepping down and she has informed King Charles III about this; she would continue her duties for few days till a new Conservative Party leader is elected. This happened after she had made a promise never to step down regardless of the several voices telling her to, she said that she was, ‘a fighter and not a quitter.’

Liz Truss became the third and youngest woman to ever become Prime Minister in the United Kingdom after Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990) and Theresa May (2016-2020) respectively. She won 57% of votes of the Conservative Party membership to become its leader, which was slimmer than everyone expected.

She once served as Britain’s Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs and Minister for Women and Equalities. She was appointed before the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which happened just  two days after. After the funeral processions of the Queen, the citizens were against Truss saying she wasn’t doing her work in evading a financial crisis.

After the British Government announced tax cuts that was only to the favour of the wealthy ones in the country, the citizens less approved of her.

In her resignation speech, she said ‘I came into office at a time of great economic and international instability. Families and businesses were worried about how to pay their bills. Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine threatens the security of our whole continent and our country is being held back for too long by low economic growth. I was elected by the Conservative Party with a mandate to change this. We delivered on energy bills and on cutting National Insurance. We set out a vision for a low-tax, high-growth economy that would take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit.’

Going on she said, ‘I recognize that though, given the situation, I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.’

Elections will take place sometime next week for a new successor.

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