Niger Delta University States The Possibility Of Starting Online Classes


Prof. Samuel Edoumiekumo, the Vice-Chancellor of Niger Delta University has voiced out about
the effect of the flood on the university as the university premises has been badly flooded.

In a particular area of the university, people could only move around with the use of canoes, which is
making the school consider online classes.

The school has three main campuses; Gloryland Campus, College of Health Sciences and the
Faculty of Law in Yenagoa which are all not accessible by road.

‘The university is submerged and everywhere is affected. We use a canoe to move around one
part of the campus. It is at the new site (Faculty of Law) that some places are elevated and they
are not so affected but the road to the university is cut off. You can’t even get there by road
except by speed boat. When you go there by speed boat, you will not have land to walk on
because the Amasoma community too is submerged. The whole of the College of Health
Sciences; the medical programme is submerged, we can’t even put on power there for now,
because if you do, it will cause electrocution,’ he said.

He also stated that the school can’t resume because of the flood, therefore, for students taking professional exams, modalities will be worked out for them to be taught online, in preparation for their incoming examinations.

‘We have an e-learning platform, we can’t just deploy the e-learning tool for all the students because even the lecturers are affected by the flood and they may not be in the right frame of mind to do anything, especially when they are trying to see how their families can be safe,’ he added.

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party visited the governor, Douye Diri on Saturday showing his concern about the flood disaster.

He also beckoned on the Federal Government to come to the aid of the state. The Nigerian Navy has also intervened and they have promised to keep sending their men and necessary support to provide security and humanitarian services in the flooded areas.

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