8 things Tinubu promises Nigerian business leaders


Bola Ahmed Tinubu,The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Candidate, APC for the 2023 general election has promises Nigerian business leaders eight things if he emerges president .

Tinubu promised to revive dead industries, promote agriculture, provide power, produce and use made in Nigeria goods, build infrastructure and most importantly improve the country’s security.

He made the promise on Tuesday during the presentation of his campaign manifesto, Action Plan for Better Nigeria, to the business and organised private sector leaders at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The presidential standard bearer said that as Governor of Lagos State, between 1999 and 2007, he turned the state into a safer, more prosperous place where people can go about any legitimate vocation or venture regardless of their ethnicity, religion, region or prior social station.

He said having achieved similar economic success as Lagos State Governor, he has the capacity to repeat the same in the country if elected president in 2023.

Regular Dialogue

The third issue he promised to address is the revival of the dead industries.

He said: “We shall bring the nation’s industrial policy to life. Key to this is our aim to create major and minor industrial hubs in each geopolitical zone.

“We shall not be satisfied by bolstering traditional sectors. We will foster productive excellence in new areas such as light manufacturing and the Nollywood entertainment sector. Through active participation in the digital economy, we shall make Nigeria a leader, instead of a bystander,  in the fourth industrial revolution.”

Promote Agriculture

Agriculture also features prominently in his interaction with the organized private sector.

He furthered said the requisite reforms to champion productivity in the agricultural sector for increased exports and provision of food for the ordinary citizen would be done.

“We shall continue to press reforms in the sector that will increase productivity, improve farm incomes while lowering food prices and bringing enough food to the tables of ordinary people,” he said.

Reliable Power

Tinubu also expressed his determination to provide constant electricity.

His words: “I am determined to give you the affordable and reliable power you need to drive your businesses in a way that lifts the entire economy. We have what it takes to bring it to you all; we have the gas, sun, wind and water.”

Produce and by Nigerian

Also, he assured of homegrown economy where the nation places emphasis on ‘Produce and buy Nigerian’.

According to him, “We seek a consumer credit revolution, working in concert with the banking industry led by the CBN. Credit at affordable rates enables the purchase of more cars and the construction of more homes. The standard of living shall rise and the strength of the business sector shall increase in similar measure.”


He promised to expand infrastructure from roads to ports, lands, and deep sea ports.

“We must continue with the expansion of infrastructure commenced by the current government. From our roads and ports that will path the way to more commerce, to improvement in irrigation and water management/catchment systems to stem the humanitarian and economic tragedy visited on us by seasonal flooding.


To tackle the country’s security challenges, Tinubu expressed his readiness to fight terrorism via counterterrorism.

He stated that his administration’s response to the country’s insecurity shall be defined by elements such as enlisting more people into the military, police, and other security forces.

Credit : The Star

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