Russia-Ukraine war: Putin signs law to mobilize convicts


Russian President, Vladimir Putin has signed a law to conscript citizens with unexpunged or outstanding convictions for murder, robbery, larceny, drug trafficking and other serious crimes under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, to be called up for military service to mobilize for the war in Ukraine.

The new law makes it possible to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people who have been sentenced to probation or have recently been released from colonies who were previously forbidden to serve.

The only group of criminals exempted from the decree are those who committed sex crimes against minors, treason, spying, terrorism, those convicted of the attempted assassination of a government official, hijacking an aircraft, extremist activity and illegal handling of nuclear materials and radioactive substances.

Putin said that the Kremlin had already mobilized an additional 18,000 soldiers above its goal of 300,000 to fight in its war in Ukraine from the general male population of Russia.

This comes after the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that all partial mobilization activities, including summons deliveries, had been suspended because the draft’s target of recruiting 300,000 personnel had been met.

Despite the mobilization goal being met, Putin’s partial mobilization order will only end when he signs an official decree. Until then, he reserves the right to recruit more people into military conscription in the future.

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