Facts You Didn’t Know About Ankara


One fabric that Africans love to rock both in Nigeria and abroad is the African print

African fashion comes from a lot of African print fabrics such as the Ankara and Kente and these have been accepted around the world overtime.

African prints go beyond just fashion, but also represents culture, status or personality.

A lot of people are familiar with the African prints, however, there are some facts that are not common knowledge.

Here are some fun facts about the African prints:

  1. Ankara was initially referred to as several names like Dutch wax print, Real English wax, Guarantee Dutch Java, etc.
  2. These prints were first manufactured for the Indonesian textile market by the Dutch, but amazingly, it got more interest in the Western parts of Africa.
  3. The materials are only associated with Africa based on the tribal-like patterns and motifs.
  4. The origin of the African prints is so complicated that no country or manufacturer has come out to claim a copyright.
  5. Chinese manufacturers came into West African textile markets to reproduce these fabric samples so as to resell them in their various countries.

I’m sure you didn’t know these, you’re welcome!

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