Paint Your School initiative was launched at the University of Lagos International School (Photos)


Painting is a creative skill that can be learned in the classroom, It’s a strategic initiative and partnership between business and the academic community

The International School, University Of Lagos, just rounded up a comprehensive paint training program, for the secondary school student to deliver demonstrable competence in painting 

The all encompassing training which took place at the International School, University Of Lagos, was well attended by the student. 

Speaking at the conclusion of the program, Mr. Olaitan noted that, the training was in keeping with objective of creating a platform for capacity building and skill acquisition to help establishments actualise their social responsibilities.

Every edifice, structure, building, house and road need painting, either internally or externally.  The dividends of any good government are often tied to structures – schools, hospitals, roads, offices, residential houses, etc, – consequently making painting a skill to be desired and acquired.

Mr Olaitan  further stated that, paints are determined by the type of substrates or its functions.  Pre-painting/surface preparation is the most important part of any painting job. “It is all the activities involved in making the substrate ready for paint application to achieve the desired perfect finish. This includes resurfacing, degreasing and the proper cleaning of the substrate.

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