OUTFITS GUIDE 2022: Forget black for a bit and wear more brown


One of the best colours for your skin is brown. It looks supple and gorgeous on dark skin. Brown is also not as boring as black, but calls attention but not in the same way as red or yellow.

Brown is also easy to accessorize, you don’t have to think about what to pair with it. 

These beautiful people have shown us all we need more mono-chronic brown outfits in our closets, and we can ditch black for a while.

Kim in this wide-legged palazzo and top is scintillating

Temisan wears two shades of brown, proving that different tones are always a good way to go.

Nonye always goes neutral in her rendition of this outfit.

Brown is warm and surprisingly flattering. It also pairs well with a wide array of colours and lends itself nicely to other trends currently sweeping through men and women wear, particularly textured fabrics and mid-century style.

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