Three young Nigerian musicians who have easily recognisable fashion and style


While it’s good to have some sort of uniform when performing, the question is, should your style become so recognisable?

Ayra Starr

The goddess of mini skirts, low-bottom jeans and boots.

Plus, even her gowns usually have a cut-out that sometimes shows her butt tattoo

Do we fancy the free-spirited, Gen Z way she dresses? Yes! Aare we bored of it? Yes! We want more glamour, more style from her


If there is one thing Joeboy will always do, it is to wear a colourful oversized suit. He also loves baggy trousers and unbuttoned two-pieces.


We love Tems as much as the next person, even more, but Tems always plays it safe albeit still beautifully dressed.

Oversized outfit, black, nude baggy trousers and bodycon gowns.

Sure she looks beautiful but she is yet to tap into her inner fashion goddess.

When it comes to these three musicians, you can almost predict what these musicians are going to wear. The question is, is it a bad time to have such a clear sense of style that you become predictable?

Well, it’s still important to switch things up once in a while.

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