How to differentiate Fake New Naira notes from New Re-Designed Notes

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Few days after release of New Naira, fake new 1,000 Naira notes in circulation Fake copies of the new N1,000 naira notes have been released into the economy a few days after the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released the redesigned notes in the denominations of N200, N500, and N1,000. While the fake notes’ designs are identical to those of the genuine notes, their serial numbers are different. This information was revealed in a video by a mobile money and bank agent, who claimed that a customer used a fake version of the redesigned N1,000 at his wife’s Point of Sale (PoS) to conduct a bank transaction. 

The difference between the genuine, redesigned N1,000 note and its counterfeit was then further illustrated in the video by the speaker. How to Differentiate between Fake Naira Notes and the Re-Designed Notes  The original note, according to him, has a gold seal at the bottom of the right side that cannot be broken, even when the note is scratched. On the bottom right side of the note, close to the signatures, the newer one has a gold seal; the older one does not 

Recall that on December 15, 2022, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) issued the new naira notes. 

Banks still process payments using the older currency denominations in spite of this.

They complained that there is not enough of the new currency to sufficiently circulate throughout the economy. As a result, we are forced to release it in pieces alongside the earlier notes.   Thanks for using our platform to learn about the latest Naija News on Few days after release, fake new 1,000 Naira notes in circulation 

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