“Avoid posting your two kids on social media”- Court warns Korra Obidi and ex-husband, Justin

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Following the messy battle between popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, and her ex-husband, Justin Dean, over the custody of their two kids, June and Athena, the court has intervened with a stern warning to the couple.

In its intervention, the court issued a stern warning to the former couple, telling them to avoid posting their two kids on social media.

Also, they are warned not to take video or live-stream any interaction between the parties in the matter until further court order.

They are also forbidden to post any pictures, videos or live-stream, that have the kids in them.

“Neither party may post any videos, photos or live-stream the minor children on any social media platform nor allow the minor children to appear in any picture, video or live-stream posted to any social media platform without a further court order. Neither party may take video, photos or live stream any interaction between the parties in this matter until further court order,” the court ordered.

Webteam@Ipledge2nigeria reports that Justin had shared photos he took with his daughters one day after his ex-wife (Korra Obidi) cried out online that he has started a new court battle to take her daughters from her.

Nigerian dancer, Korra said on Jan. 18, that just because their first daughter, June Dean, said she was hungry, Justin got the authorities involved and is now trying to take their daughters from her.

Korra also said Justin abused her severely when they were together and she fears for their daughters if they are left in his custody.

Apparently reacting to Korra’s accusation that the kids are not safe with him, Justin shared a photo with his daughters and wrote: “One thing everyone needs to understand about me. I put my daughters first, even to the detriment of myself. You want to hate me, and then hate me. Just leave them out of it.”

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