Four songs that perfectly capture Nigeria’s post-election mood


The highly anticipated 2023 presidential elesction took place on February 25, and its aftermath has generated different reactions. For many Nigerians, the presidential election was mared by irregularities that rendered it untenable, Others believe progress was made and the result was a reflections of the will of the people

As a result, the post-election mood splits between sadness, disappointment, anger, indifference, victory, optimism, and pessimism. No matter which side of the divide you find yourself on, the following songs are a reflection of our country’s current mood:

 Indifference – ‘I can’t Kill Myself‘ by Timaya

Some people have long given up hope for a better Nigeria, and their post-election mood is that of indifference. Timaya’s record captures their state of mind, and they can’t be bothered by Nigeria’s woes.

Optimism – ‘Great Nation’ by Timi Dakolo

The 2023 presidential election saw more youthful participation, which many find inspiring. For many, irrespective of the outcome, this display of political consciousness by the country’s biggest demographic inspires optimism about a better Nigeria.

Pessimism – ‘Jaga Jaga’ by Eedris Abdulkareem

For some, the aftermath of the election has finally reinforced their belief that the country is beyond salvation. The crushing disappointment has led to pessimism about elections in Nigeria.

‘Jaga Jaga’ is a record that speaks to Nigeria’s ills, and after 20 years since its release, things aren’t looking up for the country.

Sadness – ‘People’ by LiBianca

For many, the outcome of the election has left them feeling drowned in sadness over the widespread malpractice, rigging, and harassment. The little faith they have in the system has been dashed away, and they feel saddened by the hopelessness.

LiBianca’s ‘People’ is a song that captures a sad state of mind—one that is so deeply rooted that it lacks physical manifestation.

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