Curlla Luxury Salon births in Lekki, Lagos


Situated in the heartbeat of Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Curlla Luxury Salon as its name implies is a brand that is huge on quality, comfort, class and privacy. 

The serene facility emits an incredible aura from its signature smell crafted specially for Curlla Place, and different from the usual. From the reception where a signature fragrance rents the atmosphere to the normal session, to the styling session, washing session, nails room, lash bar, and VIP session, Curlla place is in a class of its own. Even the kids aren’t left out of this awesomeness.

Speaking to Web team alongside other selected lifestyle media practitioners during an official media tour around the facility recently, serial entrepreneur, and CEO Curlla Luxury Saloon Lola Adedeji, disclosed that Curlla Place was birth from her love for quality and Privacy. 

According to her, “One of the things that have been lost in Nigeria is privacy, so when a woman goes to do her hair, go to Saloons they are exposed to everything,  and the head stylist talking in your head, looking into your phone, you go there some sone is taking a picture of themselves and you are up being in the picture. These are the things we have lost in Nigeria. So one of our core principles is Privacy, quality, education, peace of mind and luxury.”

“My love for quality and privacy, two big things that inspired them. And I just feel like a lot of times, Nigerians are not given the best because they think that Nigeria doesn’t know the best. We must change that narrative and ensure that if we can ensure that if we can fly out and get these things, we can fly out to get things we can get it here.”

Explaining further, Lola Adedeji stated, “You can only come into Curlla Place,  by booking through our app. Walking in is allowed only to purchase wigs. You cannot purchase a product if you are not doing a service. That way we are just making sure that the privacy is kept.”

Speaking on the different services Curlla Place offers, Adedeji said everyone is VIP, but we have normal styling sessions and VIP sessions. To be a VIP client, it just means that you just ask for VIP services you don’t have to be a special pass. This is for those who need extra need for privacy and you don’t want everyone in your face. Yes the VIP session attracts an extra charge. There is an extra charge on the service only.”

“When you are in VIP, you also have refreshments, you have refreshments upstairs and downstairs, but in VIP you get to have champagne and wine, teas and coffee and everything else you want.

Part of the VIP also has the Vip lounge area, once you are done styling you can relax before going and you will also be served.”

“We have loads of beautiful tools, the dicing is one of the exclusive tools ever. We have any hair product, tools and treatment you will ever need, like the Emily.”

“We have all the best nail techniques, available here and we have signature nails, types and styles, we have signature finishes as well. On the other side, we have the pedicure session on this side, where we can have a pedicure done. And it is unisex, you don’t only need to have extensions you can have a manicure or pedicure or just pamper your hand.”

We also have the lash bar, where eyelashes are done. We have the best lashes stylist to train our stylist, she set that place up for us and has partnered with us on that one.

The kid’s session is also well-equipped, there are tabs for them to play with while getting their hair done. It is health friendly so everything is covered properly so they don’t get cut by anything. There is also the head of the room who ensures that kids are calm. Anytime kids come in anytime they leave, they go with a little goody bag to back home with.

CEO Curlla Luxury Salon, Ms. Lola Adedeji.
L-R: Popular TV Host of Your View, TVC, Mrs. Morayo Afolabi-Brown; her Colleague, Mrs. Temitope Mark Odigie; CEO Curlla Luxury Salon, Ms. Lola Adedeji; and other Co-hosts of Your View on TVC, Mrs. Mariam Longe and Mrs. Obiajulu Ugboh respectively, during the Official unveiling of Curlla Luxury Salon in Lagos recently.

L-R: The Accountant, Curlla Luxury Salon, Mr. Oyebo Adedamola Luqman; The Floor Manager, Curlla Luxury Salon, King Offu; CEO Curlla Luxury Salon, Ms. Lola Adedeji; Director Stylist/Floor Manager, Curlla Luxury Salon, Johnny Walid Jarbouh; Head of Operations, Curlla Luxury Salon, Grace Singh; Business Development Manager, Curlla Luxury Salon, David Okereke, during the Official unveiling of Curlla Luxury Salon in Lagos recently.

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