Sudan Conflict: 200 Nigerians Heading For Egypt Stranded

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According to reports, 200 Nigerian citizens traveling from Sudan to Egypt are stranded on the road leading to Wadi Halfa, the Sudanese border with Egypt.

The second batch of evacuees is expected to arrive in the country on Friday after the first set of Nigerians landed safely in Abuja on Wednesday night.

Reports have revealed that the stranded students are in desperate need of support as the money charged to convey them to the border is high and unaffordable.

One of the evacuees disclosed that the bus carrying them stopped along the road before Wadi Halfa, adding that it is impossible for anyone to cross the border barefooted, as the security personnel insisted that they must be moved by vehicles.

The Nigerian students revealed that a Nigerian official came to collect their passports and is already liaising with the Egyptian authorities at the border.

“95 Nigerian students from Borno State have been moved from Wadi Halfa to the Egyptian side of the border.

“They are to be evacuated by the Azman Aircraft together with other students already processed.

“The rest of the students waiting at the two border crossings (Wadi Halfa and Arqeen) will be evacuated by tomorrow Friday barring any hitches”, Nigerian Ambassador to Egypt,  Nura Rimi, shared on Thursday.

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