Five Relationship Issues You Are Better Off Ignoring


Relationships require hard work if you want them to last.

You will have to be the best of yourself in terms of commitment and patience.

Relationships are like a beautiful garden; it’s beautiful to look at and you gain so much from it.

They are never allowed to fully develop unless small concerns are addressed. 

It’s a classic “pick your battles” situation in which certain things that appear to be going to crap all over your lawn end up making it greener. 

Let’s look at five relationship issues you should probably ignore.

1. Alone Time

Despite being in a relationship, some people just appreciate being alone. 

It can be so liberating to be able to shut yourself off from this frustrating world that seems to spend every waking hour pushing you closer to insanity, and you shouldn’t take that away from your spouse because you’re feeling self-conscious. 

Yes, any problem you have with your partner desiring some alone time is a problem you have with yourself. 

The point of doing something unusual is to disrupt the pattern.

Of course, your partner looks forward to a night out with friends more than he does a night out with you. 

As long as they always come back home and don’t cheat, who cares?

2. Kinkiness

Yes, each of us has various needs and wants in the bedroom.

And certainly, sooner or later you’ll encounter a situation when you desire something that your spouse doesn’t, and the other way around. 

Either you may discuss it and explain why you don’t feel comfortable performing X or Y, or you can agree to your partner’s request and view it as an experiment. 

Who knows, you might end up liking it more than you anticipated and incorporating it into your daily routine. 

Every long-lasting relationship follows a schedule.

Don’t delude yourself about this. 

It’s similar to a Metallica setlist in that you can predict 80% of the action in advance.

3. Bossiness

Although some partners may bully you, you shouldn’t allow people to bully you. 

That’s not what we’re saying anyway, but if your partner typically takes the lead and tells you what to do, is it truly a bad thing? 

Do they respect you bossing them around too? Are they willing to discuss how bossy they are? 

Perhaps you even enjoy being told what to do and don’t mind being bossed around. 

It does not need to be a problem, and it is not one on which you should waste a lot of time.  Simply discuss it with your spouse like adults, you know. 

4. Spending Habits

True, partners who spend a lot of money can be a pain, but they are not as annoying as partners who have no income. 

If your partner also works and makes a solid share of the family income, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be permitted to spend some of that money. 

It’s generally fine anyway if you have enough money set aside to handle two or three instances of “random life bullshit.”

Don’t worry about it too much.

5. Superiority Issues

Interpretation and how you see things are the deciding factors here. 

Yes, some partners definitely have a superiority complex and see their spouses as possessions or other things. 

On the other hand, if you genuinely want to discuss superiority in the relationship, you can manage this with ease.  

You can talk to your partner and either accept that this is how things will and if they don’t mean any harm you can agree on certain boundaries. 

If the superiority issue doesn’t suffocate you every step of the way, it’s not worth fighting over.

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