Russia Attacks Ukraine With Large Drones Ahead Of Victory Day


Russia unleashed one of the largest drone swarms on Ukraine in months.

This comes as the country prepared to mark the May 9 holiday celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Kyiv’s mayor said Russia had fired as many as 60 Iranian-made kamikaze drones at Ukrainian targets.

He added that it included 36 at the capital, all of which had been shot down.

He also said the debris hit apartments and other buildings, injuring at least five people in the capital.

A food warehouse was also set ablaze by a missile in the Black Sea city of Odessa, where officials reported three people were injured.

Ukraine said Russia was also making a final push to try to capture the ruined eastern city of Bakhmut, to deliver President Vladimir Putin what would be his only prize for a costly Russian winter offensive, in time for Victory Day.

Russia is preparing for Tuesday’s Victory Day parade, the most important day in the calendar for Russia under Putin.

After leaving the Russian regime,  Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy marked Victory Day on Monday rather than Tuesday, announcing that he had signed a decree to change the date of the holiday in line with the practice of Western allies.

In response, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that by changing the date, Zelenskyy had betrayed the memory of Ukrainians who fought the Nazis.

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