El-Rufai has designated nine buildings owned by the former governor Makarfi for demolition.


The Right of Occupancy of nine companies belonging to former Kaduna Governor, Ahmed Makarfi has been revoked by Governor Nasir El-Rufai.

The nine affected companies have also been marked for demolition by Governor El-Rufai.

The notice of revocation and withdrawal of the Right of Occupancy, according to a source, had been served to the officials of the affected buildings.

The official notice of revocation was addressed to the Director of Cane Properties, Plot 11, Murtala Square, Doka, Alhaji Ibrahim Makarfi.

Among the affected properties for demolition are five plots in Mogadishu, three plots on Kwato road, and the Doka plot.

Mahmud Aminu, the Registrar of Kaduna Geographical Information Service (KADGIS), in separate letters of revocation and withdrawal of Right of Occupancy said, “I have been directed to refer to the above Right of Occupancy, and inform you that His Excellency, Governor of Kaduna State has in the exercise of power conferred on him under section 28 (5) (a) and (b) of the Land Use Act 1978, revoked and withdrawn your rights over continued failure and contravention of covenants terms and conditions of the Right of Occupancy.”

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Makarfi responded that: “Our lawyers will respond accordingly to the revocation and withdrawal of Right of Occupancy of the companies”.

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