90% of Imo PDP members are prepared to obstruct the November elections, according to a former spokesman


The former Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State, Collins Opurozor on Sunday said over ninety percent of PDP members in the state are getting set to sabotage their party at the polls in November.

He alleged that there is no leadership in the party and that Senator Samuel Anyanwu, the Governorship candidate of the party has no capacity to provide one.

The former Publicity Secretary, now the Spokesman of the 7 defected Executive Members of the PDP made the claims in a statement made available.

Reacting to claims that he’s under pressure to rescind his resignation and return to the PDP after defection to the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, he said his decision to dump PDP was irreversible.

The statement reads, “There is no cohesion. There is no more political party in the real sense. And the situation cannot be remedied, because everyone knows that Senator Anyanwu is the greatest kingpin of party sabotage and brazen anti-party activities. ”

“I totally dissociate myself from such idle talks. If there were actually persons championing such an impossible task, the task remains impossible and their motive remains known to themselves alone.

“To be clear, my decision to exit the PDP is unyielding and irreversible. It was reached after a dispassionate analysis of the situation in Imo PDP and the state at large. And far from being driven by immediate personal gains, the ultimate goal is to contribute to building the Imo of my dreams through direct participation in the process of governance.

“Moreover, while in office as Imo PDP Spokesman, I was confronted with the moral burden of defending a system that I knew was unjust, decayed, and dysfunctional, and by far worse than the system which I ought to oppose. Pretence is not an index of integrity, but sincerity is. I had to walk away. And I am glad I did.

“Today, over ninety percent of PDP members in Imo State are getting set to sabotage their party at the polls in November. There is no leadership, and Senator Samuel Anyanwu has no capacity to provide one.

“Preliminary report of the party’s reconciliation committee has shown that the internal contradictions within the party are irreconcilable and that the law of sowing and reaping is still effective in the affairs of men.

“It is curious that precisely seven days after seven key members of the State Working Committee of Imo PDP resigned, Senator Anyanwu still believes that he can sustain his campaign through raw propaganda.

” What is even absurd is that the pretender-in-chief has now derailed completely, and now believes that sponsoring his attack dogs against some of us can help him salvage the situation. Just like a man that is jinxed, Senator Anyanwu got the governorship ticket and lost the party.

”He has abandoned the governorship election to pursue a few individuals. He will soon abandon everything to seek to protect his office as National Secretary. And at last, he will lose the ticket and his office before the election.”

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