We spent 26 million naira executing projects, impacting humanity-: District Governor Anyanwu


The 2022/2023 District Governor, District 404 A1 Nigeria  Anogwi Anyanwu has disclosed that the Lions Club under its district spent twenty-six (26 ) million naira in executing various projects in the outgoing service year.

Anyanwu revealed this while speaking to ipledge2nigeria webteam in Lagos at the district governor’s recognition and award luncheon in Lagos at the Nigerian Air Force officer’s mess Victoria Island, Lagos at the weekend.

Listing the projects, Anyanwu said: “The major project we did this year is to provide receptacles for the collection of plastic bottles. We produced and distributed 88 receptacles in five states where our districts exist. We have receptacles in places like Lagos, Ogun state, Ondo, Edo and Delta states.

The essence of that project is to call people’s attention to the fact that plastic waste disposal is a problem so they need to be properly disposed of. We build those receptacles and place in them strategic locations where they are used to collect bottles.”

The essence is for people to dispose off their plastic inside the receptacles so recyclers will carry them. Improper disposal of plastic bottles clogs the drainage and waterways which also create flooding.”

Explaining further, Anyanwu said: “We also carried out more than a hundred cataract surgery this outgoing service year through different clubs. Each club organised their outreach, they source for beneficiaries who have eye problems and get good  health facilities where they carry out these operations on those who have these problems.”

“Over ten clubs carried out cataract surgery for different patients and the districts also supported these clubs with those projects.” 

We also had a Feed the Hungry program at the destitute home in Makoko where we served food to over 1000 people. In the course of serving food for over 1000 people, we discovered that the refuse dump has not been cleared for a long time. So we had to mobilise resources to clear refuse. So we accomplished quite a lot of things this year.”

Giving a breakdown of the project cost, Anyanwu said: “The cataract surgery project cost about five million naira. The plastic waste disposal project cost 50,000 each so 88 of them cost 4.4 million naira. The Feeding the Hungry program where fed over 1000 people, that cost about 2 million naira. including several other project clubs carried out.”

Also, some clubs under our districts donated hospital equipment while some others drugs. We donated equipment and medical supplies to our Lions Clinic at Sagamu Interchange which attends to people who are involved in accidents. One of our clubs in Ikorodu donated hospital beds, another club in Warri donated five delivery beds to a hospital in Warri, and the one in Ikorodu also donated delivery beds in addition to patient beds. Another club in Warri build a set of modern toilets in a school that didn’t have toilets, another one in Ikorodu built a set of six ultra-modern toilets for Methodist Primary School in Ikorodu, another club in Ikorodu built a food storage pantry, which will be commissioned on Tuesday. that one is to serve people food regularly another club did a water project to provide water in the community.”

Speaking at the event, Lion Omotunde Johnson, Chairperson planning committee said: The district governor’s recognition and award luncheon is to appreciate all the Lions who worked so hard to ensure that we made the modest achievement the outgoing Lions year which began July 1 2022 and will end in June 30th 2023.

 The highlight of the event which was well attended, was the presentation of awards to outstanding clubs to appreciate them for all their developmental projects. Some of the clubs were recognised because they carried out specific projects.

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