Uganda: Couple Spotted Engaging in Sexual Activity on Church Altar


A group of Christians in Kayunga District vowed never again to pray at the Bugonya Church of Uganda after a couple was spotted having sex next to the pulpit on the altar.

Church leaders in the Kayonza Sub County of the Kayunga District have announced that they have started an unspecified number of days of prayer and fasting in reaction to what they refer to as “a shocking sinful act.”

Locals told Monitor, a Ugandan news outlet on Wednesday that they will avoid the church until its officials organise a special event to cleanse it of the “satanic act that occurred in God’s house on Tuesday at around 8 p.m.”

While the lovers are not church members, Bugonya LC1 chairman George William Kanda revealed that a 23-year-old male Catholic resident of his town entered the church through a window with a female Muslim.

“They got in through the windows because the doors were locked,” Kanda explained.

According to local authorities, the man is married with two children, while the woman is claimed to be living with her mother in Bugonya Village after divorcing her ex-husband with whom she was living in Kitimbwa Town Council.

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