A pro-democracy activist is released from custody in Vietnam and returns to Australia.


Chau Van Kham, a pro-democracy activist who was detained in Vietnam on grounds of national security, has been released and is now free to see his family in Australia.

The retired baker Kham was detained in Vietnam in 2019 while on a research trip and charged with entering the country illegally through Cambodia.

He was found guilty and given a 12-year prison term following a five-hour trial in November of that same year.

In Sydney, Australia, Chau Van Kham has now been reunited with his wife and two children.

The 74-year-old campaigner was sentenced to what felt like a near-death experience because to his advanced age, and the family’s lawyer expressed relief and gladness that he is now at home and free.

Kham expressed gratitude to well-wishers and the Australian government for their support during his imprisonment.

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