After choosing Chelsea over Manchester United, Mikel breaks Alex Ferguson’s ‘death gaze’


Chelsea legend, John Obi Mikel has revealed that he got a ‘death stare’ from Manchester United legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson for choosing the Blues over the Red Devils.

Mikel, however, claimed that Ferguson eventually forgave him.

The former Super Eagles captain was in high demand back in 2005 when he played for Lyn Oslo in Norway.

Man United secured a deal to sign Mikel in January 2006, but Chelsea argued that they had already reached an agreement with the midfielder and his agents.

After complaints to FIFA, Chelsea reached an agreement with Man United and Lyn to secure Mikel’s signature for £16 million.

Speaking on the development, Mikel recalled his first meeting with Ferguson after the controversial transfer.

Mikel said on The Debrief Podcast: “I saw him [Ferguson] one time, it was Manchester United against Chelsea, I was coming out of the dressing room and as I was coming out of the door at the corner he was coming out and I just s*** myself.

“I can’t remember what happened, I think I tripped up on the stairs, he looked at me and he just walked out. He started chewing his gum and just walked out. He did not say a word. It was a death stare. I met him a few times after that and we started talking about it and he forgot about it and forgave me.”

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