Don’t give up on educating your children — Chairman ATS

The Chairman Amazing Talents Schools Chief Eddy Odivwri has appealed to parents not to give up on educating their children, as the best legacy parents can leave for their children is education
Odivwri stated this at the 2022/2023 graduation and Prize giving ceremony of pupils and students in Amazing Talents School in Idimu, Lagos with theme: “Attaining Excellence”.
He noted that it Is important for every parent to know that every child is educatable, even special needs children can also be educated.

However, Odivwri said: “As Important as education, it has hardly been an easy accomplishment both to  individuals and government because of the cost.”
“The cost of education continues to go higher over the years and the only time that education was somewhat free was in the days of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) but that era has long passed and even public schools are not free.”
“In the world, we live in now, the economy has become very harsh and even harsher now. The cost of education in public universities has tripled and parents are faced with the difficult options of either continuing to pay with tears or withdraw their children.”
“Not even the promised student loan being planned by the federal government will offer lasting relief.”
 “In a private school setting, the challenge is even more as the cost of things, goods and services have increased, worsened by the recent removal of the petrol subsidy. Those are the things that are plaguing the society and therefore make it hard to maintain a bearable cost of living”, he added.
Commending the school for its academic performance and excellence, Steve Olusegun, the Parent Teachers Association PTA Chairman of Amazing Talents Schools said: “ATS is top notch in terms of academics. I have been part of the system for over a decade now, so I see results both internally and when students go for external examinations. Without blowing ATS trumpet, when it comes to excellence in terms of education the school is top-notch.
The excited father, Olusegun whose daughter is graduating from Primary School into college stated that recognising and celebrating outstanding students propel the children to be more.
Events like this are very significant in the growth and educational development of our children.
“Once you are awarded for excellence, it sets you on fire to do more. I am a product of such a system. and I remember I looked forward to our award day because it is glamorous and you just want to be more so it’s very significant in the growth and development of education in the lives of our children.”
One of the award recipients,  Cherechi Favour Chidindu a science student in SS1 who won some prizes for her academic prowess said: I feel great with my performance and everything. Especially because I was a social science student before I moved to science class. So winning the prizes was an icing on the cake for me, I am happy and excited.”
Talking about how affordable the school is Ruby Kenny, a parent disclosed that compared to schools around here, the quality of education and the facilities in Amazing Talent school their school fees is affordable.”

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