Adeleke knocks over the commissioners’ portfolios for the Osun APC


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has criticized Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke for appointing himself Commissioner of Works.

In addition, the Osun APC claimed that the commissioners’ placement in different ministries was problematic since it usually led to certain square pegs being forced into certain round holes.

The party claimed that it will cause an impending massive calamity in a statement released by Tajudeen Lawal, its Osun chairman, on Thursday in Osogbo.

While questioning the rationale behind the governor appointing himself as commissioner, Lawal concluded that it was due to greed and unwillingness for accountability and probity in the office.

In his words, “We all know who the real unveiled Commissioner for Works is. It is the fear of what would be the reactions of the members of the public that prevented him from mentioning her name.

“Is it not on record that the unnamed commissioner for works has been treating the government files in the company of the governor’s chaperon in her Ede country home since the inception of this administration while the governor is only invited and shown where he would append his signature without having the knowledge of the contents of the files?

“The reason for Adeleke for appointing the deputy governor to also be in charge of the Ministry of Sports and Social Needs is also not fathomable when it is not that there is dearth of qualified persons who worked for the success of the party at the polls regardless of whatever means adopted for the questionable victory.

“The prerogative of the governor to put lawyers in charge of the Ministry of Education and Health is fraught with admissible reasons to any right-thinking members of the society.

“While we are wishing the new commissioners the best of luck in their various ministries, it is our belief that the people deserve the type of the governor and state executive members that they have.

“It will, however, not be proper if it is not registered here that there are few of the commissioners on the list who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields while it is an impossibility for about three commissioners to write down correctly the name of their assigned ministries.”

Governor Adeleke had on Wednesday sworn-in 25 commissioners and three permanent secretaries, charging them to see real service to the people as their goal.

The governor also assigned the Ministry of Works to the Office of the Governor while the Ministry of Sport and Special Needs was assigned to the Office of the Deputy Governor, Kola Adewusi

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