Bullet cartridges examined by forensic experts in relation to the murder of Tupac Shakur after being seized in a home search in Las Vegas


According to reports, forensic testing on bullet cartridges discovered at a residence in Henderson, Nevada has been done in relation to the unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur.


Detectives last week removed several.40-caliber bullets from Keefe’s home, the Las Vegas Metro Police stated in a warrant.

After LVMPD searched the Henderson, Nevada house last week, eleven.40 caliber bullet cartridges were found, according to Radar Online. The cartridges have also been transferred to a forensics lab so that they can be compared to the ones that were taken from Tupac Shakur’s body.

The bullets removed from the home will unquestionably be examined by forensics specialists. Of course, the most straightforward investigation will be to see if they have any connection to the bullets discovered in Tupac’s body or at the crime scene,” a Vegas police source told Mirror.


The outlet adds that an anonymous police source shared their thoughts on the likelihood of the cartridges being matched.

“The likelihood of the bullet cartridges being a direct match is not high. It is hard to imagine anyone would have held onto such evidence, if it was incriminating, for close to three decades…”


The source adds that the bullet cartridges do, however, match the “make” of the murder weapon used in the shooting of Shakur, a reported S&W Glock 22.


According to Mirror, the history of the bullet cartridges and how old they are remain unclear.


The last week’s search of the Las Vegas home also produced “manuscripts, computers, phones, and digital storage devices” also confiscated by Las Vegas authorities, as per Mirror.


According to ABC News, a manuscript of the search listed one of the items as a “copy of ‘Vibe magazine’ on Tupac.”

The items will reportedly add to the clothing, bullets, shells, and powder that authorities recovered from the crime scene where the shooting of Shakur occurred on September 7, 1996.


Additionally, a book called ‘Compton Street Legend’ was also retrieved during the search. The novel was reportedly written by Duane “Keefe D.” Davis, the man directly connected to the searched home

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