Protest trail death of medical doctor in Lagos hospital

Following the death of Dr. Vwaere at General Hospital(Odan, Lagos Island) who died from injuries sustained from a faulty hospital elevator on August 1st, there has been a massive outburst on social media.
This is even as some of her colleagues in the hospital were seen protesting the incident within the premises on Wednesday, August 2nd 2023. learned that Dr. Vwaere Diaso, a medical graduate of Babcock University, had just two weeks to complete her housemanship before the unfortunate elevator incident that led to her death due to poor management and negligence.

While on her way to collect her meal from a dispatch ride, the elevator which has been faulty since 2018 crashed.

Reacting to the development, Dr Dipo Awojidé wrote: “How the government handles the death of Dr Vwaere will determine how many more young Medical Doctors will exit the country. I hope that they are listened to, their concerns addressed, none of them faces any punitive action and the management of the hospital investigated. May her…
 Ayobami wrote “Rest in Peace Dr. Vwaere”
Her story is really doing a number on me because between the infrastructure, the elevator, the rescue, the resuscitation, the negligence, so SO many things had to go wrong for her to die and that is, unfortunately, our reality.”
Another user, JJ. Omojuwa wrote:
“Dr. Vwaere’s death, from the available accounts, was avoidable. The lift needed to be fixed, someone/people responsible chose to let it be. We wait until people die before we fix apparent problems. At times, we still do nothing after such tragedies. May her soul rest in peace.”
 Big Amara said Vwaere was inside the elevator when it fell from the 10th floor to the ground while going to get her food from a dispatcher downstairs.”
“Unfortunately, it took the hospital management an hour to get her out of the elevator. She was still conscious even with fractures, she was taken to the emergency and then another delay, no blood. This country failed her.”
Lamenting on the ugly development, Temi Wright wrote: “The pain of going through Med School… The joy that you are finally done… The agony of starting your training …. and your life is taken away just like that… Anhhh, RIP Dr Vwaere.”
Popular tweeter user Chlorpheniramine said “The Nigerian healthcare needs a total overhaul. How can you spend over /years in medical school? Spent all your life-saving people’s lives. You get involved in an elevator accident inside that same hospital you work and they can’t help you because “No Blood”
Alma Oputa said my last born is practically starting her housemanship in a state hospital! With this kind of sick country???

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