Simple Ways To Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Hair


Keeping Hair is a delight for many females. Many of them admire the beautiful lengthy hair on other females’ heads while they struggle to replicate it. You wonder why? Well, it stems from the fact that they are not familiar with the process or perhaps lazy to manage their hair or cope with the procedures involve (i.e. keeping it healthy, lovable and still looking like what they desire to have).

Sometimes it happens they have just given up on trying to make the hair look presentable in the way they want it after several failed attempts. This latter part is common among young females

( I would say Nigerian Female students ).


Furthermore, the general perception that only external application of hair products on the hair can make it lovable has placed ignorance on many and denied them the opportunity of doing it right when it comes to hair maintenance.

Meanwhile, Keeping the hair nice and Lovable is more than just applying physical products to it. All it involves are basic steps and procedures that many students rarely consider significant.


Simple Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy and  Lovable 

  • Eat healthy food

Hair growth and development don’t just depend on what you apply to the hair physically. Some nutrients are supplied to the hair internally and a good source of such nutrients that will help greatly in hair growth is protein.

Students most of the time are just concerned about what they apply physically and externally to the hair without being conscious of what they take in regularly. To have lovable hair, you have to consistently include protein-rich food in your diet and drink a lot of water.

  • Hair Trimming

The process of trimming is an act that involves cutting about ½-2 inches of length of the tip of your hair off. It can also be called dusting the ends of the hair since it involves cutting off the bad part.

Although this sounds very contradicting to hair growth but it helps a lot. By regular Trimming of the hair, you get rid of the split hair that results in breakage of the hair.

Many students have stayed away from hair trimming ignorantly since they all feel the act contrasts with the actual goal they have for their hair growth. However, Unknowingly to them, the trimming of hair comes with a considerable lot of advantages.

Some of these include;

Removal of damaged hair

Removal of split ends in the hair

Prevention of hair breakage

Removal of rough ends

Presents a healthy thick looking hair

  • Avoid styling your hair in a way that prevents the free flow of air.

Over-styling is what you should always avoid and stay away from. Over-styling your hair mostly leads to a lot of heat within the head and this causes breakage and dehydration of the hair.

As a female , the idea has always been to style our hair in the most auspicious style, mostly without caring about the effects.

Addressing this, It is pertinent to note that excessive airflow into your hair compartment is very important and you should always be conscious of that. In the process of styling your hair in that style you want to rock, you automatically cause heat in the head and with time, you experience itching.

This act also causes loosening of the root hair as it is pulled too tight in the cause of styling, which results in easy uprooting of your hair mostly during combing the hair out. So, as much as we want to style our hair in the most presentable hairstyle as a student on campus, make sure you are conscious of your hair health by following appropriate procedures.

The above are not the only ways to make hair healthy and lovable, in subsequent publications, others will be keenly addressed.

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