Sohcahtoa, Kosofe LG distribute 350 GCE forms to students


Sohcahtoa Foundation has partnered Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos to procure and distribute 350 General Certificate Examination, GCE, forms to indigent Senior Secondary School 3 students in the area, as part of incentives for  his educational support initiative.

Distribution of the forms took place on Tuesday and Wednesday at the local government secretariat in Ogudu, with a screening process to allow only eligible beneficiaries.

Speaking at the occasion, Chairman of the Local government, Moyosore Ogunlewe, represented by the Vice chairman, Oluwole Sosanya, said: “Education is very important to the socio-economic well-being of every individual and the nation. Today’s event is a reflection of this administration’s commitment to ensuring that students of Kosofe local government get nothing but the best opportunity to enhance their academic performance.

We are aware of the challenges confronting our community particularly the economic hardship as a result of the fuel subsidy removal that has placed an additional burden on families. It is precisely during such a challenging time that our collective resilience and commitment to progress must shine. This initiative is not just about reducing the financial burden on parents but also about sending a message that we stand united in our pursuit of education for all.

This administration sees education and health as important in our society and must be isolated from politics. Health care of our people is very important and the education of our youth likewise is indispensable. This is why we give priority to the two and they will continue to get the lion’s share of our annual budget.”

Salso speaking, co-founder of Sohcahtoa Foundation, Sholape Fayemi, said: “We partnered Kosofe local government with the vision to provide further education to underserved communities in Africa. We believe strongly in the value of education in human development. This is why we have chosen to collaborate with the visionary leadership of Kosofe local government to support them once again to procure and distribute GCE forms to support the educational pursuit of the wonderful young people in the community.

We provide funds and education to youths and children in underserved communities in Africa. This is the second year of partnering with this local government area in providing GCE forms to young people in the community to further their education. “

One of the recipients, Nifemi Omofoye, a resident of Ojota, said: “I am happy that I am one of the lucky beneficiaries. I hope to do well in my exams and make them proud.”

She, however, called on the government to tackle social vices among youths through provision of free education. Most young people from financially unstable homes get involved in social vices.”

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