Blackface Criticizes Rema’s Lyrics for Lack of Moral Values and Negative Portrayal of Nigerian Music


Singer Rema has come under fire for the lyrics of his songs from Ahmedu Augustine, better known as Blackface from the band Plantashun Boiz, who said that the lyrics lacked moral principles. Blackface voiced his worries about the nature of Rema’s music during a guest appearance on The Honest Bunch podcast, which was shared on Monday and was hosted by Nedu and others. The seasoned artist voiced his displeasure with the current state of music and contended that many well-known songs do not present a favorable picture of Nigeria.

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Using one of Rema’s songs as an example, Blackface highlighted the absence of moral values in the music industry, expressing his worry. He further mentioned that if his daughter were to introduce someone like Rema as a potential spouse, he wouldn’t hesitate to ask them to leave his house. Blackface justified this decision by stating that a person’s lyrics reflect their thoughts and values. In somewhat broken English, he commented, “Do those songs they sing represent Nigeria positively? I have more money than your father; I have more money than your mother. Don’t you know that I have more money than your father? And my daughter wants to bring such a boy home, saying, ‘Daddy, I like this man, and I want to marry him’? I would escort both of them out because this song, in the first place, lacks moral values, and what you say is a reflection of your true beliefs.”

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