18 civilians are killed by Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza refugee camp of Jabalia.


According to a report released on Friday by the Palestinian Wafa news agency, at least eighteen Palestinians have perished as a result of Israeli airstrikes on the Jabalia refugee camp.

The victims come from a variety of families, which heightens the tragedy’s impact on people.

Due to the targeted Israeli airstrikes, the impacted families—Abu al-Qumsan, Masoud, al-Assali, al-Tululi, Abu Dan, and Abu Dayr—have suffered terrible losses.

The deliberate attack on residential areas has not only resulted in fatalities but has also left several others injured, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Jabalia refugee camp.

Israeli air strikes kill 18 civilians in Jabalia refugee cam

The escalating violence extends beyond Jabalia, with Gaza City experiencing a barrage of Israeli air strikes and artillery shelling.

Sheikh Radwan, Tuffah, Shujaeya, and Yaffa Street are among the neighborhoods that have had severe attacks, which adds to the unstable environment in the area.

There are serious risks to civilian life and infrastructure as a result of the current violence in Gaza, which is only becoming worse.

The world community is keeping a careful eye on the events taking place and highlighting the necessity of a peaceful conclusion to stop more deaths and deal with the root causes of the conflict.

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