At a New Hampshire acute mental hospital, a gunman goes on the rampage, shooting many victims.


At a New Hampshire acute mental health facility, a gunman went on the rampage, shooting many victims.




‘Multiple people’ were hurt in the Concord attack on Friday, November 18, according to the New Hampshire Department of Homeland Security.




Later, a spokesperson verified that the gunman had died and that law enforcement was combing the area for possible accomplices.




Following reports of an active shooter at 3:30 p.m., Concord police, fire, and rescue personnel raced to the scene of New Hampshire Hospital in Concord.



Sections of the hospital are still being evacuated as of 4:30pm and dozens of employees were in the process of being let out of the building.

Multiple victims are shot as gunman goes on rampage at acute psychiatric hospital in New Hampshire


New Hampshire State Police said: ‘Troopers are currently investigating a shooting at New Hampshire State Hospital in Concord.’



A spokesman added: ‘There are multiple victims. Additional updates will be released when available.’



New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management said: ‘We are aware of the situation unfolding at the New Hampshire Hospital. Police are on scene and responding. Additional updates will be made available.



‘In regards to the shooting at the New Hampshire Hospital, a media staging area will be set up in the Memorial Field on South Fruit Street in Concord. Additional updates will be made available at this location.’


It added: ‘The situation at New Hampshire Hospital has been contained. The scene remains active. The suspect is deceased.’

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