Adamawa Police/Army clash:Why espirit de corps must not go on exile


The country just witnessed yet another tragedy as the Army and the Police clashed in Adamawa State, which is a very regrettable and upsetting development. There have been numerous conflicts between the two security agencies throughout the years, with most recent one being in Adamawa. This particular episode raises serious concerns about whether the military and the police, which the constitution established as federal organizations, are becoming into opposing groups engaged in ongoing battles for supremacy and control.


According to information released by the Adamawa State Police Command in a news release, the altercation started when Jimeta Division police conducted a regular stop and search. Three Taraba State soldiers were on pass when the officers came across them. But when a soldier flashed a jackknife and told the police to get off the road, things became particularly tense. During the ensuing scuffle, a soldier was unintentionally shot in the leg and rushed to the hospital right away.

Three reportedly killed in clash between soldiers and police officers in  Aba - Trending News


The Adamawa State Commissioner of Police made sincere attempts to get in touch with the Brigade and Sector Commanders, but to no avail. Tragically, a few hours later, the soldiers mustered and attacked the Police Command, killing a police officer in the process. As a result of the army’s defense claim that one of their soldiers had been shot and abducted by the police, a rescue operation was launched at the Command Headquarters.

Nigerian Army Admits Soldiers Fired Gunshots At Adamawa Police Headquarters  'To Rescue Colleague Shot, Abducted By Policemen' | Sahara Reporters

Deep concerns and inquiries are raised by the army’s defense on whether the Nigeria Police Force has strayed from its constitutionally mandated duty of defending people and property to a loosely organized terrorist group that kidnaps individuals at will and demands ransom. Notably, the report from the Adamawa State Police Command highlighted multiple attempts that were made but not successful in getting in touch with Brigade and Sector Commanders. Therefore, the army’s evasive maneuvers in this instance raise the possibility that they have a desire to humiliate the Adamawa police. As a result, these developing events have highlighted the urgent need for improved coordination and communication between these vital security agencies, if only to prevent such catastrophic conflicts.

Adamawa State Police Command On Red Alert -

Adding to the astonishment surrounding this incident are the reactions of some Nigerians on social media. It is especially saddening that those expressing joy at the police and the army being at odds, rather than focusing on inherent implications, might be forgetting the timeless adage: “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.” These clashes are symptoms of a troubling malaise, especially one which threatens our strength as a nation. It is difficult to sustain peace and stability when law enforcement and military agencies show hostility towards each other. This is because at the end of it all, it is the civilians in need of protection that will bear the brunt.


Even though Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Fintiri intervened and mediated a peace deal between the police and military, the arrangement is still, at best, tenuous. Strict safeguards need to be implemented and tangible efforts need to be made to guarantee that such a humiliating situation never happens again. Comprehensive reforms are desperately needed, and there has to be a dedication to promoting cordial working relationships amongst essential security agencies. By drawing lessons from this experience and those like it, we need to work together to ensure that our guardians are united in the future and do not have internal conflict.

Police, Army Clash In Adamawa Regrettable – Gov Fintiri • Channels  Television

It is also noteworthy that at the core of unending clashes between security agencies in Nigeria is a troubling lack of patriotism and professionalism. The task of securing a nation should be left in the hands of those who, in critical situations, must always put the country first before their egos. It does not matter the colour of the uniforms you wear, or the rank you bear: the guiding principle of one’s mentality as an officer or soldier is the prioritization of national peace, security and stability.


Going forward, the National Orientation Agency might need to come up with a deliberate and strategic policy of enlightening our men and women in uniforms, especially those at the lower ranks, as it appears that these frequent egotistic battles more often than not involve them. Therefore, they should be told in the strongest of terms that the green-white-green colours are the universal colours we all wear, regardless of the agencies we belong to. The ultimate goal is the peace and stability of our fatherland.

National Orientation Agency – Change Begins With Me

If solely for the benefit of our country, it would ultimately be in our best interests to swiftly restore and maintain the esprit de corps, which is rapidly losing its strength. In order to discourage others from considering such acts in the future, there ought to be repercussions for acts of disloyalty by our security staff. Synergy, not ego, is the key to winning the ongoing battle against terrorism and other threats to the peace and stability of our nation. It is imperative that pertinent security agencies recognize this at the organizational and individual levels and rise to the standards of excellence and professionalism that go along with their uniforms.

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