Kizz Daniel drops new singles ‘Twe Twe’, ‘Too Busy to be Bae’




Award-winning Nigerian artiste Kizz Daniel has once again captivated music fans with the release of his latest singles, ‘Twe Twe’ and ‘Too Busy to be Bae’.


The release of ‘Twe Twe” produced by Killertunes and Blaise Beatz and ‘Too Busy To Be Bae” produced by P.Prime, follows the


Kizz Daniel’s upbeat tempo singles follow the release of his critically acclaimed album titled ‘Maverick’,


‘Twe Twe’ seamlessly blends tradition and contemporary sound. The single embodies a vibrant energy inspired by the cultural roots of the Nupe tribe in Nigeria, infusing the track with a dynamic essence drawn from this rich heritage.


On the other hand, with ‘Too Busy to be Bae’, the singer delves into the dynamics of relationships within the context of today’s high-speed lifestyle. The track explored how individuals grappling with the demands of a perpetual hustle have minimal room for romantic entanglements.


The new releases further showcase Kizz Daniel’s versatility and innovative approach to music.


His musical prowess earned him a spot among the few African musicians who headlined last year’s World Cup, Qatar 2022.

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