Nigerian-American Ayo Edebiri’s best fashion moments at 2024 award shows


Ayo has had one of the most amazing runs by a person of African descent. She’s definitely the breakout star of the year as she has won a Golden Globe, an Emmy, and a Critics Choice Award for her performance in The Bear.




Since 2023, Ayo has been styled by Danielle Goldberg, who to a large extent understands that her personal style is often a mix between feminine and androgynous while being minimalist and sleek. One day, she wears a suit, and the next, a short gown.


Ayo cites the TV series Gossip Girl as one of her early fashion inspirations, saying she would most likely dress like Dan Humphrey (a character in the series). She also told Vogue how she found her own personal style even though she grew up in a pentecostal church. “You have to wear a skirt that’s below your calf and some kind of hat,” she says. “I was interested in ways that I could find personal style in the confines that I had to exist in. It wasn’t much at the time.”


Her style and charm are certainly ones for the books. Let’s delve into how Ayo has slayed this fashion season:




At the Golden Globes, she wore a red Prada strapless gown and red pumps. She looked relatable yet gorgeous, and most importantly, comfortable in her outfit.




Ayo wore an oversized white suit and trousers from The Row. There’s something particularly interesting about a woman in an oversized suit. The black flat shoe rounded up the outfit nicely. The entire outfit is very reminiscent of Princess Diana’s style and love for oversized suits.


Ayo went to grab her Emmy Award in a 3D-moulded leather Louis Vuitton gown. Her stylist is very creative and taps into Ayo’s quirky personality.

Nigerian-American Actress Ayo Edebiri Triumphs at Golden Globe Awards

But perhaps Ayo’s style is not simply defined by this award season, but every single time she stepped out in sexy short gowns, midi dresses, or tweed suits. Ayo has mastered the act of versatility and never leaves us bored.

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