Non-Penetrative ‘Outerplay’ : Five ways women experience orgasms without penetration


In one study of more than 50,000 people, 95% of heterosexual men said they usually or always orgasm when sexually intimate, while only 65% of heterosexual women said the same. Meanwhile, the data showed women orgasm more when they masturbate.


Two facts can be obtained from this data: firstly, penetration benefits mostly men, and secondly, it’s not the sole way to pleasure.


Penetration itself can pose an issue with timing if one partner orgasms before the other, and then one leaves feelings dissatisfied. That’s why foreplay is so important.


Here are five non-penetrative ways to make a woman orgasm:



The entire nipple is full of hundreds of nerve endings, making it one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. At this point, you have to ask her preferred mode of pleasure, as it could be tongues, teeth, or flicking movements with the fingers. Sometimes, nipple stimulation is not enough; you have to combine it with the other items on this list.


This involves using the mouth on the genitals. One of the ways to ensure the sensation is felt is to have a clean-shaven genital area. Also, the movement and speed should largely be dependent on what works for the woman.



This is a form of penetration (with fingers or sex toy) but not exactly penile penetration, especially when a sex toy is being used to stimulate the clitoris and the outer part of the vagina.



Depending on her pleasure points and her attraction to her husband, most women are tickled by these kisses. Doing this, along with other intimate acts mentioned before, will lead to orgasms.


Sensual massages can cause women to experience orgasm, especially when different oils are used. The act in itself makes a woman feel safe and taken care of, but you have to be gentle with it. I recommend watching YouTube videos.

Finally, a combination of these three to five of the techniques at the same time can cause orgasms to happen faster in women.

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