Role Play – Official Trailer



Thomas Vincent directs a totally predictable but fun film. The two leads are endearing and cute in their roles, with David Oyelowo playing the bewildered spouse excellently well.


It’s not easy leading a double life and Kaley Cuoco convincingly embodies the caring wife and ruthless killer for hire. The chemistry between her and her co-star works well in advancing the plot of the movie.


I particularly enjoyed the scene the onscreen couple shares with veteran actor Bill Nighy. It was the precursor to the ensuing chaos.


As expected, the film has a few lapses, one of which is the issue of Dave (Oyelowo) never having deemed it fit to visit his wife’s workplace in the time they have been married.


Another flaw in the writing is the villain played by Connie Nielsen, who is typically a stock character. The protagonist, who is skilled as an experienced killer, isn’t given a worthy foe to defeat and the final confrontation is kinda anti-climactic.


Role Play sets out to be an entertaining movie and in that regard, it works. Thankfully, the action is good (not remarkable, but good) and the comedic tone is not overly done. I only wish it wasn’t so predictable at times.


In all, it’s a good flick to pass the time as long as you choose to tune out the plotholes. Cuoco and Oyelowo are a perfect match and deliver the goods.

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