Netizens call out Soyinka for  saying Barbarians have taken over social media 


Netizens are currently attacking Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka for bemoaning the sorry state that social media has fallen into in Nigeria, saying it has been dragged down to the least denominator and taken over by people he reckoned as “barbarians”.

Soyinka maintained that in other climes, social media is still valid as a means of interaction because of the intellectual content and reasoned engagements being deployed by users. He, however, noted that here in Nigeria, the reverse is the case as those who dragged it down have swapped the I.Q aspect of it.

Soyinka said this on Saturday at the 48th President’s party and his investiture as an honorary member of the prestigious Abeokuta Club, Ogun State

According to him, the situation has degenerated to a level where even a mere disagreement in an election could lead to one being labelled on social media as having a phobia about others.

He urged the nation’s intellectual minds to rescue the country from the monstrosity of social media.

Reacting to Prof Wole Soyinka name calling,   I_am ify via her X media account @Ifeanyiakojuru, said: “The Yóruba Ronu bigot called Wole Soyinka is one of those who plunged Nigeria into her present state by supporting a notorious Drug Trafficker because of tribalism and Ethnic politics.

“Till today,  Soyinka never condemned the attack on Igbos in Lagos during the election.”

“Soyinka never condemned the illegal demolition of Igbo properties in Lagos.”

“Soyinka never condemned INEC, the supreme court, and the selection that produced a notorious DrugTrafficker as president of Nigeria.”

“Now, he is calling intellectual minds to speak up and rescue Nigeria.

“Sorry Mr professor, Nigeria can not be rescued.  What Nigeria needs now is separation like Germans did in 1945.

One Nigeria is unworkable and a crime against humanity.”

Coming hard on Wole Soyinka popular X Influencer NEFERTITI via her verified handle @firsladyship said: “I personally understand that this your statement, here aforementioned is a “ground wetter” for the Tinubu administration to gag Nigerians on social media. It is high time you put this “juvenile delinquency at menopause” to bed, don’t continue to stain your already stained memories of the first Nobel laureate prize for literature winner.”

“I hope Nigerians act like you did against several Nigerian leaders, both military and democratically elected members.”

Lamenting, It’s KC wrote, through it X handle:@Oparakc “Nigeria gave the best to the generation of Buhari, Wole Soyinka, Tinubu etc but guess what they gave us, pain, destruction, poverty. Every of their policies points towards negative indices cos they never wanted us to harness our potentials on a maximum.”

Using several paragraphs to write an open letter Prof Wole Soyinka via his X account, @OcularPriest8 Ocular Priest wrote:

Open letter to Mr Wole Soyinka

“Men like you sir are the problem of the world. They look the other way when crime and injustice don’t affect them directly, they insult anyone or group they don’t agree with and expect everyone to respect them. Wole, you went as low as body shaming the wife of the most powerful man in Africa, the Nigerian First Lady, you called her sheppopotamus and you wonder why millennials and Gen Z don’t respect you.”

“Professor, this is not the 1980s,. Wole, we are in the 21st century. You can’t bully people you disagree with into silence or destroy their reputations by calling them unprintable names as you have always done on MS Media. You damaged the reputation of a president you don’t like by calling him drunk, a terrorist etc. That strategy don cast thanks to Social media, no single man can control the narratives anymore.”

“A word of advice Mr Soyinka, when you call people names, it mirrors back at you. For instance, only a fascist will stop the announcement of an election result with a gun because he believed the election was rigged. Only a barbarian will think of forming a cult group. Only a Gbajue elder will insult and protest against President Jonathan and become meek and mute under Buhari and Tinubu when Nigerians are still suffering, government officials are still looting and insecurity and youth unemployment is at an all-time high.”

“Lastly Wole, respect is earned and it’s also reciprocal. If you respect other people’s opinions and speak with dignity without trying to sully anyone’s reputation as you did to Sen Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, people will in turn respect you at least for your grey hair.”

“Until next time, have a self-introspection and mend your ways before it’s too late.


Similarly, Aji bussu Onye via his account, @AfamDeluxo wrote: “Professor Wole Soyinka called a sitting first lady, Patience Jonathan a hippopotamus in the most condescending manner. Compared her to manatees, and mermaids and never apologized. Today he is tagging Nigerians fighting for their existence as barbarians.  Igbophobia is deeply rooted.”

Also, Big Joe of Africa through his X account @JosephOnuorah wrote: “People like Wole Soyinka have become a needless burden to Nigeria.”

They won’t speak truth to power! Because of pecuniary interests.

Then, they take advantage of grey hair to insult those who fill that vacuum.

Posterity will judge ALL men!


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