Be security conscious’ CP Fayoade task Lagos residents

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police CP Adegoke Fayoade during his maiden press briefing recently at the state command has tasked residents in the state to be more security conscious and avoid actions that make them targets of criminals.
While giving some security tips on how residents can stay safe, CP Fayoade cautioned residents from talking about their business transactions in public places.
According to him, “Some of our residents talk very loud about their business transactions and other things that have to do with carrying money and cheques.”
“Avoid talking about large sums of money and transactions while in public. Be discreet about your financial transactions, especially in public.”
CP Fayoade further advised that: “Except when absolutely necessary,  avoid carrying cash, expensive phones and devices in public and crowded places. If you have to attend a function with large crowd, you should keep such items safe.”
“While driving in traffic, make sure your car doors are locked and windows are windup. If you don’t have AC, wind it to a level that nobody can put their hands to pick something.”
“Always arm yourself with relevant emergency numbers including that of your Divisional Police Officer DPO nearest to you. You need to know your DPO, it is very very important.”
“Be mindful of your posts, about yourself on social media platforms. Some people post everything they do at home on social media. Even the food they eat, they post it on social media.”
“This should be avoided as it gives us out and makes us prey to criminals.
“Avoid posting your place of employment, worship center and popular landmarks online,  as they can be used to locate your home.”
On the issue of fake online vendors, the Lagos Commissioner of Police urged residents to avoid shopping from vendors whose physical offices cannot verified.
CP Fayoade noted that: “A lot of people fall victim to these fake online vendors. At the end of the day, they make payment and the ordered items are not supplied. Verify the sites, and verify these facts before making payment.”
“Avoid shopping from vendors whose physical offices cannot be verified,” he added.

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