Gaza death toll soars, over 26,000 Palestinians killed


The death toll among Palestinians in Gaza reached another tragic milestone on Friday, with the Health Ministry confirming that at least 26,083 individuals have lost their lives in Israeli airstrikes since October 7.


Over the past 24 hours alone, Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have claimed the lives of at least 183 Palestinians and left 377 others injured, as reported by Gazan authorities.


According to a statement from the ministry, these attacks have resulted in 19 massacres targeting families in Gaza, leading to the deaths of 183 individuals and injuries to 377 more.


The situation remains dire, with many people still trapped under rubble or stranded on roads inaccessible to rescuers.



With these recent casualties, 64,487 others have also sustained injuries, as per the ministry’s figures.



The relentless Israeli offensive has forced a staggering 85% of Gaza’s population to become internally displaced, exacerbating shortages of essential resources such as food, clean water, and medicine.


Additionally, approximately 60% of the enclave’s infrastructure has suffered damage or destruction, according to the United Nations.

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