Lagos Emerges As 19th Best City Globally, Outranking Dubai And Miami


British media and hospitality company, Time Out, has designated Lagos as the 19th best city to visit globally.


The rankings, featured on Time Out’s website, are based on a survey encompassing more than 20,000 city residents worldwide, in addition to insights from its network of editors.


New York City was ranked as the number one city in the world while South Africa’s Cape Town was ranked second in the list that contained 50 cities.


The criteria used to rate the cities include food (quality and affordability), culture, nightlife, how the city makes people feel, strong community vibes, access to green space, historic sites, and much more.


The list reflects cities that are great places to visit and also to live.


Encouraging global citizens to visit the city, Time Out said, “Whether you’re a staunch mainlander or from Lekki, there’s something for everyone in Lagos, Africa’s most populous city. Posh Victoria Island continues to deliver a trifecta of swanky resorts, food haunts, and nightlife.


“Lekki is for the brunchers – make Maple Lagos your first stop. On the mainland, Kuti’s Bistro in Ikeja, owned by the legendary Afrobeat family, serves up reliably delicious food and hosts parties, karaoke, and games nights.


“And then there are the beaches – hit up Oniru Beach for some fun in the sun, but be sure to bring naira for this private beach. For those who live for the night, Hard Rock Cafe Lagos provides a massive indoor-outdoor playground with top artists including DJ Obi (‘Obi’s House’ on Mondays), who set a Guinness World Record in 2016 for a 240-hour marathon set.”


At number 19, Lagos ranked above Melbourne, Australia; Naples, Italy; Singapore; Miami, US; Dubai, UAE; Beijing, China; Montreal, Canada among others.


The World’s 50 Best Cities In 2024


See the full list below:

(1) New York City
(2) Cape Town, South Africa
(3) Berlin, Germany
(4) London, U.K.
(5) Madrid, Spain
(6) Mexico City, Mexico
(7) Liverpool, U.K.
(8) Tokyo, Japan
(9) Rome, Italy
(10) Porto, Portugal
(11) Paris, France
(12) Mumbai, India
(13) Lisbon, Portugal
(14) Chicago
(15) Manchester, U.K.
(16) São Paulo, Brazil
(17) Los Angeles
(18) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(19) Lagos, Nigeria
(20) Melbourne, Australia
(21) Naples, Italy
(22) Singapore
(23) Miami, US
(24) Bangkok, Thailand
(25) Lima, Peru
(26) Budapest, Hungary
(27) Beijing, China
(28) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(29) Montreal, Canada
(30) Glasgow, UK
(31) Sydney, Australia
(32) Bueno Aires, Argentina
(33) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(34) Manila, Philippines
(35) Seoul, South Korea
(36) Hanoi, Vietnam
(37) San Francisco, US
(38) Barcelona, Spain
(39) Abu Dhabi, UAE
(40) New Orleans, US
(41) Philadelphia, US
(42) Austin, US
(43) Boston, US
(44) Accra, Ghana
(45) Marseille, France
(46) Taipei, Taiwan
(47) Istanbul, Turkey
(48) Osaka, Japan
(49) Hong Kong, China
(50) Vancouver, Canada

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