Iran executes four amid human rights violation


Iran has carried out the execution of four individuals accused of involvement in a bomb plot orchestrated by Israel’s Mossad agency.


Despite appeals, the Supreme Court upheld the death sentences, marking a significant development in the ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel.


The condemned individuals were convicted of illegally entering Iran from Iraq’s Kurdish region with the intention of targeting a factory in Isfahan, responsible for producing equipment for Iran’s Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics.


While the operation was planned for 2022, Iranian intelligence agencies successfully foiled the attempt.


Iran and Israel have a longstanding history of animosity, exacerbated by disputes over Iran’s nuclear program and accusations of support for armed groups. The recent wave of executions, including those allegedly linked to Mossad and antigovernment protests, has drawn condemnation from international human rights bodies.


United Nations experts have criticized Iran’s judicial process, urging the government to halt the surge in executions.


“We are dismayed by the unprecedented rise in executions in Iran and note that at least 834 people were executed in 2023, including 8 people associated with the nationwide protests,” experts from UN’s human rights agency said.


“We urge the Iranian government to stop this horrific wave of executions.”


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