Israeli military launches operation to clear Gaza, empty humanitarian shelters


The Israeli military has initiated a fresh “clearing operation” in central and northern Gaza City.


This is by deploying a “division-size” force, as reported by two US-based military think tanks.


Israel’s decision to re-enter areas of Gaza City previously declared cleared of major Palestinian fighting forces in December comes in response to assessments by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and the Critical Threats Project (CTP).


This indicates the re-infiltration of Palestinian fighters to re-establish control in the city.


The latest battlefield assessment from ISW/CTP highlights plans by Israel to evacuate all humanitarian shelters in northern Gaza as part of its renewed operation aimed at dismantling Hamas and other armed groups in the Palestinian territory.


Israeli forces estimate “there are 200,000 Gazans in the northern strip, mostly concentrated within humanitarian shelters”, the ISW/CTP report states.

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