Reactions as President Tinubu Orders Mandatory Recitation Of ‘National Pledge’ At Official Engagements


The national pledge should be the focus point for patriotism. How many Nigerians can recite the pledge? How many Nigerians appreciate the ethos of the pledge? The recital of the pledge should be mandatory as a step to unifying the nation above narrow minded religious and ethnic considerations.




Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the 3,112 housing-unit Renewed Hope City at Karsana in Abuja, President Bola Tinubu has directed the mandatory recitation of the national pledge after the national anthem at every official and public engagement.




The President emphasized the imperativeness of respecting national values, promoting the nation’s ideals, and abiding by its established norms.




“Before I left home this morning, I asked for a printout of the National Pledge, and we have to relaunch it again at this event. The relaunch is about being committed to the values, greatness, and hope of our country. It is our pledge to Nigeria, our country, to be faithful, loyal, and honest. To serve Nigeria with all your strength – we saw it on the field of play yesterday. We were all rejoicing. Everyone one of us loves victory. We love to win. When you are positive and you are hopeful, Nigeria is winning.




“We did not say it will be Eldorado and smooth all the way. But we are confident that this country will excel in all ramifications. We will defend our unity and uphold Nigeria’s glory in every way possible because we are Nigerians, and we have no other country,” the President said.   Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity Chief Ajuri Ngelale said the President directive was to ensure absolute respect for the national symbols, strengthen allegiance and fidelity to country and preserve Nigeria’s ethos and defining character.



“I Pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful, loyal and honest, to serve Nigeria with all my strength, to defend her unity, and uphold honour and glory, so help me God”


“Nigerians react”


@linda3747829 tweeted – Is there any research to suggest this as the fix Naija needs. What kind of people are we? The pledge!!!They should carry out research to see how many people will press “a button that can destroy Naija” if there was such a button. People have lost faith in the Entity called Naija but maintain their tribal allegiance.So a country has Senators collecting tens of millions monthly while some soldiers and Police get as low as 50 K as salary; even minimum wage of 30 K is being debated. Is it rocket science that such country is an unstable lethal mix with an explosion date that is yet unknown.You plant corn and expect Banana. I know we expect miracles a lot but the laws of Nature will not change . We are JOKERS in Naija, leaders insult us and we smile in the suffering just like Fela said.E don tey wey Naija spoil , go and listen to Fela. He was one of a kind, a great musician and may I say philosopher.



@Ebola-23 tweeted –  Tinubu meant that you all are to be serving Nigeria with all “Your Strength” ( He used the phrase “to serve with your” and not TO SERVE WITH MY STRENGTH) Which means he referred to you all as those to serve Nigeria with all your strength but excluded himself out of the quote of the so call national pledge.  So the summary of Tinubu’s subtle message is crystal clear “YOU ALL SHOULD CONTINUE SERVING NIGERIA WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH WHILE I WILL CONTINUE EMBEZZLING ALL YOUR MONEY WITH ALL MY STRENGTH”. … Tinubu.



@terrojojo tweeted – What need is public order to provide basic necessities for all the people. Nigeria is a country of a thousand rivers and yet people have to literally crack stones get water.




@Tola1223 tweeted- Coming from someone who so heartlessly looted and plundered the resources of Lagos state and whose source of wealth is inexplicable. it is fair to consider this order a very strange paradox.

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