Ukraine strikes Russian warship near occupied Crimea


Ukraine’s armed forces have reported critically damaging a significant Russian warship near occupied Crimea, dealing a severe blow to Russia’s Black Sea fleet.


The attack, carried out using naval drones, resulted in the destruction of the Tsezar Kunikov landing ship.


This strike coincided with the visit of Kyiv’s new military chief to the front lines, who described the situation as “complex.”


In recent months, Ukraine has intensified its assaults on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. The targeting of Russian vessels in the sea’s western waters aims to disrupt key export routes and weaken Russia’s naval presence in the region.

Ukraine strikes Russian warship near occupied Crimea

Previous attacks include the use of sea drones to destroy a Russian warship in February and cruise missiles striking a large Russian landing warship in December.


The conflict between Russia and Ukraine extends beyond naval engagements, with both sides exchanging cross-border air strikes.


Russia reportedly launched missile attacks on the town of Selydove in eastern Donetsk, resulting in casualties and significant damage to civilian infrastructure, including a hospital and residential buildings.


Ukrainian officials reported casualties and evacuations due to the attacks.

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